Dr. Christian Schaefer

Sales Director North Europe

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV

Trymax Plasma Technologies for High Growth Advanced Semi Markets - a Success Story

Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV is a privately held company, founded in 2003, of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Trymax supports semiconductor manufacturers worldwide with innovative solutions for plasma based photo resist ashing and isotropic etching equipment used in the high volume manufacturing of FE Semiconductor IC, Power Device, MEMS micro sensors, Compound Semiconductors (SiC. SAW/BAW) and Advanced Wafer Level Packaging (AWLP).

Key to be a solution provider is Trymax` unique modular design of its plasma bridge tools (NEO 2000 or 3000 Series) regarding following decisive features: Process – the choice out of four different plasma sources:

o (1) MicroWave for high to low temperature processing (20?C to 260?) and
o (2) RIE or Dual Source or Directly Coupled Plasma for in particular ultra low temperature plasma processing at 20?C meeting e.g.the special requirements in today`s AWLP.

  • Software- flexible for different apps to control for process, tool and performance
  • Hardware- highest reliability

All the above is the basis to be chosen as a key supplier in high end markets. Just typical examples are

(a) ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems featuring MEMS and Advanced Packaging technologies and

(b) BAW/SAW- key enabling high frequency wavelength filters for the current and future wireless communication markets like the mobile phone and IoT Internet of Things.

  • 1975 - 1984 Technical University Aachen/ Dr.-Eng. , Process Engineering
  • 1985 - 2016 High tech Capital Equipment & Plasma Technologies (PVD, PECVD, Microwave & RF)

  • LEYBOLD SYSTEMS GmbH / Thin Film Deposition - Project and Product Mgr., 14y
  • EV Group, AT / Wafer Bonding and Lithograhy - VP Sales and Board Member, 7y
  • PVA TePla AG /  Dry Ash & VPD-ICPMS Metrology - VP and MD of PVA TePla Munich, 9y
  • Trymax Semiconductor Equipment / Dry Ash/Etch - Sales Director North Europe,