Dr. Germar Schneider

Manager Thin Wafer Handling

Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH

Production 4.0 @ Infineon Technologies Dresden The Way to Close the Gap between a Highly Automated Fab and a Smart Fab

Infineon Dresden Technologies (IFD) spent a lot of effort during the last years on continuously increasing the automation level of its 200 & 300 mm front-end wafer fabs. Today, quite most of the tools in the fab are equipped with loading and unloading systems like rail guided or free moving robots as well as overhead transportation systems for processing the lots and wafers.

Furthermore, many auxiliary processes have been automated to standardize and optimize the manufacturing process. In 2017, Infineon started a new project “Productive4.0” with a consortium of partners out of the IC industry, as well as IT- and automation companies. The goal for IFD in the project is to close the gap between a highly automated fab to a so-called “Smart Fab”.

Digitization will help to explore regions along the horizontal and vertical supply chain to enhance the competitiveness of the fab leading to stable, efficient processes and highly skilled work places within the company. The presentation will give examples of how methods out of the industrial internet of things (IIOT) will be applied to support the vision of transferring an existing highly automated fab to a smart fab while showing the benefits.

  • 10/85 - 10/91: Study of Chemistry, (Univ. Ulm)
  • 10/91 - 08/95: PhD work Analytical Chemistry (Univ. Ulm)
  • 02/95 - 12/97: Process Engineer WET (Siemens SA, Corbeil-Essonnes, France)
  • 01/98 - 06/98: Product Manager Chemistry (Merck, Darmstadt)
  • 07/98 - 12/03: Section Manager WET (Infineon, Dresden) 
  • 01/04 - 07/08: Section Manager Automation (Infineon, Dresden) 
  • 08/08 – 02/12: Senior Manager Wafertest (Infineon, Dresden) 
  • 3/12 – today: Senior Specialist Thin Wafer Handling, Project leader
    within EU-Projects for IFD like EPT300, EPPL, SemI40, Productive4.0