Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Busch

Director Research Group Creative Media

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin - University of Applied Sciences

Mixed Reality for Industrial Production

Everybody is talking about virtual reality: Impressive 3D-adventures, immersive simulations, creating whole worlds with their own phyisical laws. Cool shit, of course. But industry is strong because of being in the material reality and producing physical objects.

And cutting off every natural visual impression in order to replace it by constructed pictures which have to be accomplished by complex artificial sensor data for saving users from running against walls or getting motion sickness? Sounds like: We saw off your legs, give you some wheels for real curvy movement feeling and some drugs for avoiding phantom pain. So, it might be better to preserve normal visual impressions and enrich them with selected additional informations. This is augmentation and creating mixed reality.

The presentation shows principles, technologies and examples which might be useful for industrial applications.

  • Prof. International Media and Computing
  • Research Center for Culture and Computer Science at HTW
  • Board Einstein-Center Digital Future
  • Director Institute for Brands and Media
  • Projects with industrial partners like VW, Audi, Telekom, PwC, Siemens & SMEs
  • Funding by EU and Federal Ministries of Research, of Interior, of Economies
  • Topics: Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality, Applied Interactive Technologies, Professional Wearabals, Natural and Interactive Learning Technologies