Robert Weichert

Managing Partner

WeichertMehner GmbH & Co. KG

New Business Cases in Automation with Smart Services - Innovation Management as a key Competence Mastering the Digital Transformation

In the last few years, Industry 4.0 has significantly changed the industrial value-added chains in the manufacturing industry sector. And the development is still ongoing. Worldwide, industrial companies will continue to invest in Industry 4.0 or Internet of things applications and digitalize their value-added chains. In this very process, automation specialists are the driving forces and partners of the advancing digitalization in the industry. Their innovation strength is a combination of profound understanding of digital technology and its implementation into complex and challenging automation scenarios.

The increasing interconnection between machines, systems, products and humans makes it necessary to envision the big picture and integrate every aspect into the process. Value-added chains evolve into entire value-added ecosystems. Hence, without partnerships, the potential of Industry 4.0 cannot be lifted. The presentation is meant to illustrate approaches to a well-structured innovation management and how it can enable industrial customers and automation companies to jointly promote and advance innovations.

  • Managing partner of WeichertMehner, a management consultancy for strategic communications.
  • University degree from the Technical University Dresden in Sociology, Communication Studies and Economics
  • Post graduate degree from Regent’s College-Webster Graduate Studies Center London in Marketing Management
  • Board member of HighTech Startbahn e.V. – an start up network for incubation and innovation development