Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Dreyer

Director Research & Development

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

DevOps – Agile Development and Operations of Cloud-Solutions

The work for software developers has dramatically changed in the last years caused by increasing complexity and faster time-to-market requirements. The answer are agile development methods to be able to develop the right feature at the right time. Typical waterfall development with requirement analysis, specification, development and installation one after another is not possible anymore in most projects today.

Customers expect a solution within a few weeks, and very often, this is the starting point of the real development based on changing requirements. New development processes such as Scrum or Kanban help to keep the projects controllable and ensure agility. The process gets much more complex if the same team not only develops the software in an agile manner, but also needs to rollout it to production systems and keep them running all the time. Teams faces new challenges by being responsible for both development and operations – DevOps. A new set of tools is required to keep the project on track in all stages to ensure highest quality and repeatability.

AIS started the development of the new Equipment Cloud in 2017 and needs to handle the DevOps challenge for the first time. The presentation will show the problems solved on this way and the tool-set created and used to be successful with this product.

  • 2017 Development of EquipmentCloud
  • 2010 Director R&D at AIS
  • 2005-2010 Rollout of 12 MES
  • 2005 Development of MES system FabEagle®MES for Photovoltaic fabs
  • 2001 Team leader factory systems 
  • 2000 Development of a fab-wide monitoring system FabEagle®TFM 
  • 1997 Software developer at AIS 
  • 1991-97 Degree in electrical engineering