Andreas Huhmann

Strategy Consultant Connectivity

HARTING Deutschland

Lifelong learning in the Smart Factory in theory & practice

The demonstrator of the SmartFactoryKL technology initiative has taken a key role in the implementation of the 4th industrial revolution and was presented for the first time on the Hannover Fair in 2014. In the meantime, this demonstrator was improved permanently. This has shown the very essence of Industry 4.0. The revolutionary approach is not the unique fundamental change. The character is the openness for permanent changes. By coupling the SmartFactory demonstrator to the Internet, the functionality and performance of the demonstrator, but especially the seamless integration in digital value network is continuously adapted and improved.

Edge devices, directly integrated in the production module, will take a key role. The tasks of the edge devices are predictive maintenance, performance management, asset management or spare part management, and can enable process optimization based on cloud services. Important are the open interfaces of the edge devices and a far-reaching standardization, so that these intelligent systems are consistently integrated into the production environment with different software systems. The SmartFactoryKL technology initiative has created a concept and shows its implementation in the demonstrator.

These edge devices offer a requirement for a system or machine learning throughout the entire life cycle of a SmartFactory.

Andreas Huhmann has studied physics and works today as Strategy Consultant for the HARTING Stiftung&Co.KG. As a board member of the manufacturer-independent technology initiative SmartFactoryKL e.V., he is involved in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

In particular, the importance of smart connectivity in the modularization of production facilities is a focus of his strategic work and content of many publications and lectures.