Barbara Meyer

Director General, Department of Innovation, SMEs, Industry

Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

Innovation in Saxony – the perfect I(o)T-location

The Key Enabling Technology (KET) micro- and nanoelectronics is of crucial importance for the competitiveness of Europe’s industry as a whole. The availability of key capabilities and key capacities of microelectronic components in combination with most recent software are prerequisite to keep or make our industry and economy capable of meeting the challenges of the age of digitization. Autonomous driving, Intelligent Transport Systems, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are promising and growing fields of application creating dynamic markets.

Saxony is proud to be the most important microelectronics location in Europe and home of a dynamically growing software industry. The Saxon State Government will continue to foster the development of its rich microelectronics ecosystem, to support international cooperation and to unlock the full economic potential of its ICT community.

Barbara Meyer, born 1962 in Bonn studied law at the University of Bonn. After working for an international tax company in Düsseldorf she joined the Saxon Ministry of education where she became director general in 1998. Since 2003 she works for the Saxony State Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport. She is now head of the Department “Innovation, SMEs, Industry ”. During this period she was involved in investment projects, funding and cluster policy as well as in vocational education.