Dr. Karlheinz Leonardi

IT Architect Manufacturing Systems

Nexperia B.V.

Introduction of a dispatching solution in a nexperia front-end fab

In 2016, a project has been kicked off at the nexperia front-end wafer-fab in Hamburg to introduce a software based dispatching system. The goal of the project was to improve overall fab performance by means of e.g. capacity increase, cycle time reduction and operator efficiency increase.

After evaluating different options, the “event driven dispatcher” solution from Systema was chosen. Several joined, interdisciplinary workshops were organized to define the scope of the project, develop the project plan and the change management process in detail.

In a first step, a specific production area has been selected for a pilot implementation. Key elements of the implementation plan were (amongst others): setting up the interfaces between the dispatcher and the home-grown MES, installation of a lot tracking system for the dispatching area, definition (and improvement) of area specific dispatching rules.

After the successful pilot implementation, the solution has been rolled out to other production areas. Adaption of the dispatching rules to the specific needs of the different areas as well as compliance monitoring were key tasks during that phase.

A pilot project for a potential extension of the dispatcher towards a scheduling solution is currently ongoing.

  • since 2018 IT Architect Manufacturing Systems (Nexperia, Hamburg & Manchester)
  • 2011 – 2017 Senior Engineer Manufacturing Excellence / Fab Technology and Six Sigma Champion (Nexperia / NXP, Hamburg)
  • 2011 Certified as Six Sigma Black Belt
  • 2001 – 2010 Wafer-Fab Process- and Product- Engineer (NXP / Philips, Hamburg)
  • 2000 PhD in Physics at University of Bremen
  • 1995 Diploma in Physics at RWTH Aachen