Frank Effenberger

Product Manager

Robotron Datenbank-Software 

Linking Energy and Machine Data: Industrial Use Cases for Energy Analysis (ISO 50001) and Proactive Condition Based Monitoring

There are multiple interesting approaches to increase the profitability as well as the degree of automation in industrial manufacturing. The reduction of costs through automated proactive condition based maintenance and the enhancement of energy efficiency are presented and discussed in anonymized case studies. Furthermore, the bases for these approaches are outlined.

On one hand, automated proactive condition based maintenance can be performed by using the process data of existing PLC, SCADA or MES. On the other hand, the energetic consumption of the equipment of the industrial plant can be used to detect deviations and to create an alarm for the maintainer. A repeatable method for condition based monitoring based on this data is shown and discussed. In addition, the collected energy data can be used for the identification of actions that can increase the energy efficiency and therefore support a certification based on the ISO 50001.

However, it might be necessary to install sensors and actuators at the equipment-level and to read them out in short time intervals. This leads to the problem of a high volume, variety, and velocity of data. A possible solution, the usage of field gateways, is proposed. 

  • Master in Business Informatics (2014)
  • PhD student (since 2015)
  • Consultant for Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH (2014-2018)
  • Focus on industrial IoT-Use-Cases, especially regarding the combination of energy and process data
  • Product Manager for Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH (since 2018)