Jörg Leuschke

Manager Execution Systems

Infineon Technologies Dresden

Evolution of a software test strategy for custom MES components in a highly automated manufacturing environment

As a result of Infineon’s fab automation strategy, implemented during the last years, a large part of the responsibility to ensure a smooth and stable 24x7 fab operation has been shifted more and more to the IT department.

Given the limited operating staff in an automated fab, this applies in particular to guaranteeing proper system functionality, testing of new features and detection of abnormalities. Being a challenging task in itself, when “only” dealing with changes out of daily business and project-driven functional enhancements, becomes critical when considered within the context of the phase-out of a major legacy MES component.

Automated software tests seems to be the solution. – However, if you are refactoring the basis of your entire MES landscape, this is by no means a trivial task. This presentation will provide an overview on the evolution of Infineon strategy for applying automated software tests to its custom developed MES components and gives some insights into the chosen Behavior Driven Testing approach.

  • Since 2012 Responsible for the MES team Dresden
  • Joined Infineon in 2005 Several positions within the MES and Architecture team of Infineon‘s Manufacturing IT
  • Software Engineer in a medical technology start-up from 2001 to 2005
  • Studied Business and Computer Science at TU-Dresden, graduated in 2001