Ricco Walter

Managing Director

SYSTEMA Automation Solutions Malaysia

Asia is recognized as the manufacturing hub of the world.  Many Western corporations have migrated their manufacturing activities to Asian countries to lower their labor cost, but this advantage is often diminished by lower productivity in the region. Local governments in Southeast Asia enforcing a paradigm shift in reducing low cost labor, simply to transform their countries into a data connected manufacturing powerhouses. While executives are mostly enthusiastic about the potential of digital transformation, there is still some frustration about the difficulty of envisioning how their companies can use smart manufacturing and putting their ideas into practice.

The enthusiasm for Industry 4.0 and German Engineering provides very promising entry points for automation experts like SYSTEMA to expand the global footprint. Nevertheless, the different culture and business attitude require an adapted approach to the market – both in acquisition and project execution phase. We will share our experiences on the learnings, the challenges and the potential for a German SME entering the market in Southeast Asia. 

  • Since 2014 business development in Asia
  • Joined SYSTEMA in 2008
  • Several positions in sales & marketing at automation suppliers
  • Diploma in electrical engineering (Dipl.-Ing)
  • About 20 years in semiconductor industries
  • Strong enthusiasm for manufacturing challenges and industry trends