Selim Nahas

Global Process Quality Group Manager

Applied Materials

Next Generation Quality Systems

Learning from Our Past to Shape Our Future

History has taught us that we will demand more quality control from our systems for a lower investment over time. For the most part, these trends were made possible by efficiency gains and technological advances.

Manufacturing has reached a pivotal point in history. We are expected to interact more closely with the devices we manufacture and have come to depend on them for our very safety. These devices include automotive sensors, medical, fire and safety, and aeronautical systems to list a few. As an example, the medical industry has become increasingly dependent on technological advances for diagnostic purposes. We have frequently continued to implement antiquated quality methods with the expectation that they will scale in our new world of quality demands. The various verticals once known as in-line SPC, fault detection, electrical test and run-to-run control have all evolved at differing rates with the added complexity of human factors in engineering to maintain these systems. A cohesive strategy and technology platform is required to reinvent our quality methods and systems to meet the challenge of the 21st century. Join me as we explore ideas on how to change the way we recognize and understand the quality world in the modern factory.

Selim Nahas is a factory automation specialist at Applied Materials with 20 years of experience focusing on quality systems and human factors in engineering. He is part of the Solution Marketing Management team developing quality management programs and technologies. He received bachelor of science degrees in industrial engineering and architecture from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.