Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Dreyer

Director Research & Development

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

Remote Service with augmented reality by EquipmentCloud®

Increasing travel costs and manpower shortages caused by a lack of skilled personnel make it difficult for companies to react efficiently and promptly to the increased demands in the areas of maintenance and service. One solution to this problem is remote maintenance, which is supported by technologies such as Augmented Reality. The technician can directly receive the information required for maintenance or repair via SmartGlasses or a Smartphone. An expert can directly support the technician with a live video. With Remote Maintenance Assistance, Bitnamic has been offering a well-proven solution in the market for several years. The smart integration with the EquipmentCloud® from AIS enables a comprehensive and full-time approach to enter the next level of digital maintenance processes. The knowledge transfer between AIS and Bitnamic ensures a modern and practical answer to service and maintenance issues in the digital age.

  • 2017 Development of EquipmentCloud
  • 2010 Director R&D at AIS
  • 2005-2010 Rollout of 12 MES
  • 2005 Development of MES system FabEagle®MES for Photovoltaic fabs
  • 2001 Team leader factory systems 
  • 2000 Development of a fab-wide monitoring system FabEagle®TFM 
  • 1997 Software developer at AIS 
  • 1991-97 Degree in electrical engineering