Dr. Karlheinz Leonardi

IT Architect Manufacturing Systems

Nexperia B.V.

Conveyor based Elevator for Material Transport

Production capacity at Nexperia’s wafer-fab in Hamburg is continuously extended, requiring expansion of clean room space within existing production buildings. As production areas are distributed over several floors, capacity for material transport between floors must be increased as well.

Originally, two production floors were connected by an elevator, transporting a trolley containing the material. Requiring an operator being present for loading/unloading is a disadvantage of this set-up. Thus, automating the transport was a primary requirement.

By now, three floors must be connected accompanied by an increase of transport operations. Fulfilling requirements regarding fire protection required attention and spatial conditions led to further constrains.

After investigating different solutions, a conveyor-based elevator from Fabmatics was chosen. Different potential technical solutions were jointly assessed, taking the numerous boundary conditions into account. With the chosen solution, the automation task could be solved, including material identification by RFID as well as automated loading/unloading and storage.

Details of the solution, its implementation and achieved results will be presented. In addition, ideas regarding potential extensions of the solution will be shared.

  • since 2018 IT Architect Manufacturing Systems (Nexperia, Hamburg & Manchester)
  • 2011-2017 Senior Engineer Manufacturing Excellence / Fab Technology and Six Sigma Champion (Nexperia / NXP, Hamburg)
  • 2011 Certified as Six Sigma Black Belt
  • 2001-2010 Wafer-Fab Process- and Product- Engineer (NXP / Philips, Hamburg)
  • 2000 PhD in Physics at University of Bremen
  • 1995 Diploma in Physics at RWTH Aachen