Hailong Zhu

Research Assistant

TU Dresden

For the safe and fast transport of wafers in 300 mm semiconductor fabs, overhead hoist transport systems (OHT) are primarily used. These systems consist of rail network and vehicles. To avoid congestion and delays in production, high availability of individual rail sections is essential. In order to ensure this, extensive preventive maintenance is required.

In a joint research project, Technische Universität Dresden and GLOBALFOUNDRIES implemented predictive maintenance solutions that allow automatic condition monitoring of rail network and vehicles. The developed monitoring system enables reliable, needs-based, resource-saving and efficient maintenance in 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing.

Since 2018 - Technical University of Dresden, Chair of Material Handling

  • Development of condition monitoring systems for AMHS
  • Development of advanced sensor systems for semiconductor factories

Until 2018 - Technical University of Dresden, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Degree in Electronic Engineering, Dipl.-Ing

Since 2018 - R&D for EU funded Responsive Fab project

  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES & Technical University of Dresden