Neo Teck Leong

Director of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering & Planning

Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. Pte. Ltd.

Key to optimization of shopfloor resources, ie people, processes and tools, is to drive automation towards Industrial 4.0. This revolution is a must in next decade, and needs risk management to bring great opportunities. SSMC recognizes this and is inspired to be part of this journey, by transforming existing 8-inch Fab operations into 12-inch like Fab. However, introducing new automation items, like conveyor, tool auto loaders, within boundary constraints is a key challenge.  Innovation to integrate new ideas into existing infrastructure and break unknown barriers is needed to realise this journey. Hence, selecting right partner, who is committed and come to common goals, is becoming vital for successful alliance.

Willingness to listen to customer’s needs by customizing an automation solution, i.e. MCS in SSMC’s way, has essential influence to the performance of alliances. SSMC has made the choice of right partner, which yield important competitive benefits. This allows both parties to learn from, grow and test Industrial 4.0 technologies within a collaborative ecosystem. In summary, trust, commitment, acceptance of ideas and compatibility of goals of strategic alliance are turning key to the success of shopfloor automation.

Neo Teck Leong has more than 20 years of experience in Fab Operations, leading module engineering, industrial engineering & manufacturing department. He has strong belief that Industrial 4.0  brings great opportunities in shopfloor optimization, not only in engineering quality aspects, but also in direct labout productivity.  Through his leadership, he projected great vision in transforming existing 8inch Fab to achieve Manufacturing excellence through automation.