Steve Barlow


Automation Network Dresden

01-24-2020 & 01-25-2020


Welcome, Opening and Between

Mr. Barlow received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Utah State University in Logan, UT USA and then studied MBA courses at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado USA. Mr. Barlow has a long career in Factory Automation related endeavors including Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Eaton-Kenway (Automated Materials Handling), Senior Vice President and COO at Auto-Soft (Manufacturing and Semiconductor Automation Software), and President and CEO at Roth & Rau Ortner USA (Automation Systems).

Mr. Barlow has participated in all sixteen of the Dresden Innovations Forums for Automation. The first year he was a speaker giving a presentation on Automation in Conveyor Technology. He has been the moderator of each of our Innovations Forums every year since then including this 16th annual forum.