Tilo Bormann

Sr. Director Frontend Operation MOSFET


Tool and data automation is well known and essential for modern semiconductor manufacturing. Vishay Siliconix company growth strategy is based on acquisition. This leads to a very granular company structure with many different requirements and local prerequisites like existing software, established business processes or integration scenarios.

Many of the automation components such an architecture are spread out to the different sites around the world. To make automation in this environment effective and efficient the standardization of the communication between the components are essential. Vishay Siliconix has developed its own definition of intra- and inter site communication standard for the different components.

This includes automation components, specific services as well as 3rd party applications. All will be wrapped into a model to ensure a high level of standardization for a data exchange between the different components regardless their physical location around the globe. This ensures a high level of flexibility, a reliable and fast transport of information as well as the possibility to exchange components in this environment without too much effort.

2004-2007  - CMP Process Development Engineer, Infineon Technologies

2008-2009  - CMP Unit Process Engineer, Qimonda Dresden

2010-2011  - Section Head CMP, Vishay Siliconix

2012-2016  - Sr. Manager Wafer Fab Operations, Vishay Siliconix

2017-2019  - Director Frontend Operations MOSFET, Vishay Siliconix

Since 2020  - Sr. Director Frontend Operation MOSFET, Vishay Siliconix