Automation year 2022. Get started with a booster.

New year, same passion! Start your 2022 right and treat yourself to a booster for automation topics.

As we already announced in autumn 2021 we want to meet our automation community in person again, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and personal exchange between industry experts as we did in the 17 years before. Therefore we shifted our 2-days-conference “19th InnovationForum for Automation” to June 30 – July 1, this year.

To shorten the dry spell until we meet again in summer, we are happy to offer you a short but intense online Booster Session:

When: February 10, 2022; 10am – 12pm CET

Where: Online (Free)

In these two hours we will provide you some deeper insights into the boom on semiconductor market, take you on a journey of digitalization of a well-known semiconductor manufacturer and booster your automation mindset with new perspectives from the manufacturing of industrial electrolyzers. Furthermore, you can look forward to an interesting exchange in a concluding expert discussion with the speakers and the managing directors of the AND companies.


Welcome and Introduction
Ricco Walter, SYSTEMA
Ulrike Sampermans Ulrike Sampermans Ulrike Sampermans
Vice President Digital Transformation
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X-FAB Group
Hergen Thore Wolf Hergen Thore Wolf Hergen Thore Wolf
Director Product Management Visit speaker profile
Speakers and managing directors of AND

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About the Innovation Forum

This annual conference has been organized by the Automation Network Dresden (AND) from Germany since 2004. Its member companies (Fabmatics, Kontron AIS, SYSTEMA and XENON) are dedicated to bringing you the latest information on significant factory-automation projects as well as new automation technologies spanning various industries with a focus on semiconductor.

The 2-day-event provides a platform for more than 300 international executives, managers, engineers and researchers to discuss the latest factory automation technology developments, challenges, and solutions.

Each year, we select one project to honor the drivers for innovation by rewarding them with the 'Innovation Award for Automation' at the popular AND dinner party.


The Innovation Forum for Automation stands for an excellent opportunity for networking and personal exchange between industry experts. We will continue on this path with a completely digital event.

To address the increasing interest in automation while respecting the current, worldwide travel and contact restrictions, our next steps are dedicated to transform the forum into a series of digital events in the first quarter of 2021.

Each of the four partner companies of the AND Automation Network Dresden - Fabmatics, Kontron AIS, SYSTEMA and XENON - will host one free online event.

The link tying it all together is the mission we are committed to: Keeping the community connected and up to date with new automation trends across high-tech industries and innovative projects.

…and rest assured: The famous evening event and the personal networking will return!

  • SYSTEMA January 28, 2021, 9–12am

    January 28, 2021, 9–12am

    Datafication and Automation: The new Normal for Semiconductor Manufacturing Watch The Recording
  • Fabmatics February 25, 2021, 3–6pm

    February 25, 2021, 3–6pm

    Forever Young: Automation Makeover Rejuvenates Golden Age Fabs Watch The Recording
  • XENON March 25, 2021, 9-12pm

    March 25, 2021, 9-12am

    Digitalization meets Mechanical Engineering: Chances and Challenges of Smart Manufacturing Watch The Recording
  • KONTRON AIS April 29, 2021, 9-12pm

    April 29, 2021

    CHANGE THE VANTAGE POINT: Different Software Perspectives for high-end production sites Watch the Recording

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Attendee Testimonials

  • For Infineon Dresden automation has been essentially important for many years now, as we have an almost fully automated production.
    The Automation Forum is globally recognized as one of the most important conferences to discuss innovative automation solutions and the perfect place for networking, discussing and sharing of new ideas.

    Helmut Warnecke
    • Helmut Warnecke
    • Managing Director, Infineon Dresden
    • #Inno16
  • Who wants to experience industry 4.0 in real world applications and (solved) problems is just right in the "Innovation Forum automation".
    Both from Lighthouse companies and SMEs practitioners speak for practitioners, and provide a global perspective on the current issues in industrial automation.

    Frank Schönefeld
    • Prof. Dr. Frank Schönefeld
    • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
    • #Inno16
  • For us at SEMI it is important to get direct feedback from our Members and stakeholders. The innovationsforum for automation organized by AND is an excellent networking platform for us.
    I find it personally of high value to exchange opinions, both with manufacturers but also solution providers

    Stephan Raithel
    • Stephan Raithel
    • Managing Director, SEMI Europe
    • #Inno16
  • The Innovationsforum for Automation is a very good opportunity to see innovations from different companies and get an overview on fab automation. A great benefit of this event is the chance to network with a wide range of people which have great experiences and know-how in the semiconductor and related industries.”

    Nico Wohlfarth
    • Nico Wohlfarth
    • Carl Zeiss
    • #Inno16
  • I found attending the Annual Innovations Forum for Automation a truly rewarding experience, definitely time well spent. It was a unique opportunity to meet and talk with an international community of professional within and in industries closely related to SEMI Manufacturing. Topics ranged for technical cutting edge technology introductions to application developments / deployments, and related support services such as inventory , equipment, and shop floor management. The Forum has succeeded in creating a very accepting and positive environment.

    • Max Maxey
    • Director IT, SunEdison Semiconductor, Inc.
    • #Inno16
  • An impressive and well organized event! The content and topics of the presentations were all exciting and marvelous. The performance, ideas and approaches of the great number of companies attending really impressed me. The atmosphere among the participants, the choice of speakers and venues led again to lively exchanges and networking.

    Martin Steinleiter
    • Martin Steinleiter
    • HiQ4
    • #Inno16
  • I was particularly impressed by the opportunities to network and exchange ideas with both providers and users of automation solutions. In addition, the talks and presentations provide a detailed insight into current challenges regarding the automation of semiconductor manufacturing.

    • Dr. Andreas Hohner
    • Process Engineer Automation, Robert Bosch GmbH
    • #Inno16
  • In 2009 I attended the innovationsforum for the first time. Since then I enjoyed being a regular guest of the event in Dresden. Besides the numerous interesting talks and presentations , the innovationsforum for automation is an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with colleagues from other companies, suppliers and to networking in personal conversation. The two-day program is entertaining and the evening event pleasantly tops off the forum.

    Roland Kramer
    • Roland Kramer
    • Head of Factory Automation, Elmos Semiconductor AG
    • #Inno16
  • Innovationsforum was a wonderful opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and get to know others who are leading the industry and solving the same challenges my organization faces. This event was extremely valuable for my team and it is our one must-do event for 2019.

    David Land
    • David Land
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • #Inno16

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