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CamLine GmbH develops and markets its own software in the MES sector providing powerful solutions to the challenge of "Manufacturing Excellence". camLine’s IT-based infrastructure systems are used in the manufacturing of high-tech industries. The productions require to define, plan, and implement value-adding processes in detail. These tasks become efficient and remain flexible with a capable IT that also provides interfaces to the ERP and the automation level.

The products LineWorks, InFrame Synapse, and Cornerstone are in demand in industries especially with discrete or hybrid manufacturing, and XperiDesk refers to R&D. Many implementations can be found in semiconductor, electronics, solar or medical technologies. The priorities are quality assurance, process integrity, production logistics, efficiency (OEE), integration, APC, engineering analytics, and innovation efficiency. As a partner, camLine has been offering its services worldwide for more than 25 years.


CamLine GmbH
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Jochen Kinauer
Director Channel Sales & Public Relations

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